Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time OUT! New York

Photo credit: Suzanne Lindgren

I think the magazine should be called Time In, because it's encouraging you to never sleep and do everything you possibly can in NYC to be able to wear the proud badge of "real new yorker."  My badge is like, at cadette ranking, because I'm from Long Island.  Before you make fun of me, I don't have long scary nails, I don't use aqua net, and I don't have a scary accent.  I did, however, used to say "draw" and "mirra" when trying to say "drawer" and "mirror," and sometimes still have to concentrate really hard when I say those words as to not slip.  My parents have the accents, as do my brothers, and my little niece is really picking it up, which is funny because her mom is from the mid west so she's got a little bit of both in there.  Alas, I am very proud of my STRONG ISLAND roots, because of the diy music scene (even if emo gets a bad rap now) I grew up with, and the kind of brotherhood-i-ness that exists only when you're a teenager.  When you're an adult, long islanders tend to not give a crap about anyone but themselves.  There's a saying that is specific to the region that exemplifies this, and that is: (spoken in a loud, threatening tone) "Get Off My Propity!!" (supposed to be pronounced "property.")  They do not say, "get off my lawn," or "keep off the grass, please," but yell at you to have it be known that you are violating something that is theirs.  They are tough, hence the name Strong Island.

Now to my point: I was listed in Time Out NY this week, which is exciting, because of all the things mentioned above.  Check it out, and stay off my propity.

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