Monday, June 30, 2008

Cupcakes, popsicles, catering!

Hi lads and ladies!

Whew!  This past week has been super duper crazy!  Alicia and I had six events over the past 7 days.  We were at a book launch event hosted by, a VOTE or DIE event hosted by, the After The Jump Fest sponsored by Gen Art, Secret Project Robot and Live With Animals, and finally, at the Brick Theater for a rad awards ceremony and boozy afterparty.  A big SHOUT OUT to all our friends, new and old (Chelsea and Tom, Ivy and Thew, Gyda, dude with the huge appetite for sweets at the Brick, Rachel and Erik, Grayson and Monica, Brian Zeger, and lots of others that shared their tips for stuff and smiled at us).  

We have a week or so off to handle our personal/other professional lives, as well as work on the administrative parts of the bake sale (i.e. making awesome new summery graphics!) and menu planning.  Popsicles will be a main staple (hopefully, if we can work out the cooler sitch well enough) at the next bake sales.  For the hottest days, you can count on us for some Lemonade-Basil, Wacky Watermelon, or Strawberry-Mint icepops!  And if everyone is good, maybe some vanilla puddin' pops (yes, they are delish, but are they refreshing enough?  Let me know!)

We are also expanding to offer catering and delivery services!  Our new arm is called Sweet Tooth by Lila, headed by Lila Dobbs, lady extraordinaire.  Lila has tons of experience creating and cooking for crowds.  The menus, pricing, etc. can be found here. We're even having a tasting event on Wed, July 2nd at 7pm at Brooklyn Kitchen (616 Lorimer Street).  The kids over at Brooklyn Kitchen are offering a 10% discount for guests of the tasting!  The sample menu is $7 per person, but that also includes a free pale or brown ale from Brooklyn Brewery.  Come and hang out!  RSVP here.

We've got some other exciting stuff in the works, including some really fun events at the end of July and August, a fun project including vintage recipe boxes and artist designed recipe cards, a recipe/baking/foodie ZINE, and other stuff as well.  Yeah, summer, keep it comin.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Healthy attitudes

I'm sipping coffee and gearing up for our day in the sunshine- today, Saturday June 21st, Sweet Tooth of the Tiger will be at the After the Jump Festival, hosted by Gen Art, on N6th Street between Berry and Wythe from 3-6 pm in Williamsburg.  After the Jump Fest "is the effort of 20 NYC music bloggers whose goal is to help new artists gain exposure while raising money for struggling school music programs.  After the Jump is teaming up with The Music Hall of Williamsburg and Galapagos Art Space for a festival stretching from noon until last call." There will be an outdoor stage also! Some featured bands are Ponytail, Power Douglas, Fiasco, The Shackeltons, Extra Life, The Austerity Program, Dinowalrus, Autrodrone, and Health.  Check out for more info!  We'll be there with our cupcakes on!  

Some stuff on our menu today: 
  • Fluffy coconut cupcakes
  • Breezy Lemon cupcakes with lavender frosting
  • Dark chocolate cupcakes with almond buttercream frosting
  • Heart-stopping chocolate-orange brownies
  • Chewy oatmeal-cinnamon-chocolate chip cookies
Come visit us! xo

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hiyo! what Alicia always says when she sees you/text's you/emails you.  I miss her!  My bakester bud is away in Wisconsin, the wonderous place in which she learned all about pie crusts and chocolate fudge.  Did you know her grandma ran a zoo and a museum in her backyard?  Now THAT'S d.i.y. thinking!  

Anyway, I'm sitting here, figuring out menus for tomorrow, responding to the incredible amount of fan mail and requests for the Toothy Tiger's bangin' sweet treats, and eating a delicious homemade chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.  Yum.  

Ok, I'll stop a'ramblin and fill you in on the super sweet good news: on Wednesday, Sweet Tooth of the Tiger landed the front page of Daily Candy's New York savvy site,  It was like Daily Candy had sent some fireworks or smoke signals into the sky of NYC and for a minute everyone stopped and stared.  READ IT HERE!  We're very excited and are giving each other virtual hugs over the phone!

Also, take a look at the image above.  Do you see those adorable vintage recipe boxes?  Those bad boys are being used for a super rad project to be revealed this summer.. it involves artist designed recipe cards and a lil bit o' love... stay tuned.

In other news, we're psyched to have presented the bake sale at Light Industry in Sunset Park on Tuesday night, Brooklyn's new film space.  Sabrina Gschwandtner curated a program called "No Idle Hands," a group screening with various artists articulating their theories for the craft movement.  The program included a rad in-progress documentary about the new craft and d.i.y. revolution called "Handmade Nation" by Faythe Levine.  How exciting!

Tonight we'll be at Cinders gallery in Williamsburg.  Come check us out!  

xo Sweet Tooth

Thursday, June 5, 2008

You arrive and I'm on Fire!

Hello!  We thought we'd list our menu items for the next week to tantalize your tastebuds in advance!

Menu: June 6-June 13
  • Apricot Oat Bars
  • Very Vanilla Birthday Cupcakes
  • Snickerdoodles
  • Jimmy Buffet's famous Lime Sugar Cookies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gram's secret recipe)
  • Chocolate Revel Bars
  • Vanilla-Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Killer Cereal Bars
  • Sweet and Sassy Lemon Squares
  • Sticky and Sweet Caramel Corn + Tutti Fruiti popcorn
  • Summer Strawberry cupcakes
We will be offering these sweet little things Friday, June 6th (tomorrow) at McCaig-Welles gallery around 7pm, on Tuesday June 10th at Light Industry, and on Friday June 13th at Cinders Gallery.  Awesome!  Hope to see you there!

p.s. If we see you at the bake sale and you mention who wrote the title of this blog, a free baked good will be yours!