Monday, May 26, 2008

Sweet Sweet digital ink

We have some sweet tooth'ed bloggers on our side !  We have already been tagged a few times online.  Check it out:
  • Keith from FRED FLARE is our bud.  He came by our launch event at Secret Project Robot and gobbled up some cupcakes and cookies in his cute lil' multi-colored headphones.  Click here to read his blog post about us!
  • WILLIAMSBURG IS DEAD wrote a few lines about how hip we are.  Check it.
  • Our bud Suzanne writes a blog called FASHION SKOOL OF HARD KNOCKS and blogged about the Pink Elephant Projects exhibition opening that also served as our pre-launch.  View it here.
  • And it all started with Nicole from BROOKLYN BASED who has a super rad blog about what to do in Brooklyn.  It's here.

Bake Sale Launch!


This is the blog for all projects concerning Sweet Tooth of the Tiger, a renegade bake sale project that connects communities with sugar highs. Alicia and I are sitting in the garden of a newly opened bar/lounge called Franklin Park in the Prospect Heights neighb' of Brooklyn. After several weeks of grad finals, sickness, and icing induced hangovers, we are imbibing the summer sunshine and sharing new ideas for upcoming Sweet Tooth gigs. As we plan for the coming weeks, we're giggling over the experiences we had at the launch and pre-launch of Sweet Tooth and are appreciating all the love we felt from friends new and old that came out to support us and buy a cookie (or two). Just like sprinkles make a cupcake tasty, here are some highlights to sweeten your day:

This is the pre-launch event at Pink Elephant Projects in Brooklyn. The weather was terrible but the cookies were as sweet as ever!  The bake sale consisted of Not-Hostess Cupcakes (choco-marshmallow), Lemon Buttermilk cupcakes, Lime Sugar Cookies, Cinnamon/Oat/Choc-chip cookies, Rebel Bars (fudge-y oat bars), Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes, and Dark Chocolate Sour Cherry Cookies.  Megan Canning celebrated her first solo exhibition in NY with her rad embroidered canvases that depicted various organs of the digestive system. We were right next to her image of the tongue that showed the salty, sweet, bitter and sour taste-bud regions! Visitors to the exhibition opening loved the Sweet Tooth idea and devoured almost all of our baked goods! YUM.

Below is the second night of the Sweet Tooth project, the night of the LAUNCH at the ever-amazing Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn. On our way to the gallery, trucking along with our little red cart, distracted by the butterflies in our tummy and the ominous rain clouds in the sky, I totally bit the dust and tumbled over the little red cart, scraping my knees and toppling my basket of cupcakes. When we arrived at Secret Project Robot and unveiled the artificially flavored (but preservative free) fruit of our labors, we discovered THIS:

An idea was born! We had made WIPE-OUT CUPCAKES. Special of the day, one night only! People loved them, and the cupcakes were still deliciously tasty.

Some of our friends, with a penchant for poetry and a sweet song in their hearts submitted the following song lyrics to help us launch our renegade bakery with a rebel beat.

SWEET TOOTH of the TIGER (lyrics by Bryce Beemer)
Risin' up, back on the cookie sheet
Did my time in the ov-en
Went the distance, now I'm wrapped in plastic
Just a cookie that wants to be sold!

So many times, it happens too fast
You're burnt on the outside, raw in the center
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to be baked up right.

It's the sweet tooth of the tiger, it's the tastiest treat
Risin' up to the challenge of our rivals
And the last unsold brownie is prey in the night
And you're startin' it down... like a sweet toothed tiger

This muffin's baked, out of the heat
It's great, are you hungry?
We stack them to sell on the street
We love to bake, its our skill to survive


Risin' up, these cupcakes are done
Have the taste, got the frosting
Went the distance, now they're wrapped in plastic
We're simple bakers with a will to thrive!


The sweet tooth of the tiger (repeats out)...

SWEET TOOTH of the TIGER BLUES (lyrics/music by Sean Kirkpatrick)

Gnawing on your floury flesh
Chips melting in my feline mouth
Your sweet corpse fills me with
Childhood dreams of the cookie hunt


Cookie in the jar'oh, cookie in the jar'oh
Caught me with my paws in your bowl
I love your sweet confections
Mama don't you spank me too hard...

Your brown sugar dissolves
like butter in my bowl
Cocoa princess, vanilla mama
You make this tiger growl


Tigre tigre burning bright
in the kitchen of the night
Craving all your sweet delights
Your beater and your oven light


Late night snack, crumbs in my bed
I've made a mess of you
Visions of my sugar mama
Make this big cat drool


Alicia and I also had a fun night of photo-shoot madness a few days before the launch and pre-launch.  One of the images are up at the tippy-top of this blog post, a few others are below.

Stay tuned for more Sweet Tooth updates, recipes, and sugary giggles!  Check out our WEBSITE for our calendar of events and for more info.