Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blog I must!

Hello, friends!

I'm supposed to be doing homework right now, but I'm too distracted with all of the super delicious things happening over here at camp sweet tooth!  

We're in BUST Magazine this month!  We've been chatting about it for about a week or so already, carrying the mag everywhere we go to show friends and family and whipping it out at parties.  We're so proud yet still feel super humble- we couldn't have been chugging along on this super sweet highway without you!  You talk with us about recipes, about ingredients, about the best way to keep a cupcake moist and a cookie chewy.  We tip our hats to you, community!  Thanks ten tons!

We also just got a super exciting invitation to cater Fred Flare's super awesome store opening in Greenpoint this month.  Dudes, their store is called SUPER CUTE.  They seem to understand my soul in many ways over there at Fred Flare headquarters!  We're so excited for them and also for the super fun party!  We're making a boat load of mini cupcakes (birthday stylee, as it's also their 10th anniversary!), yummy peanut butter bombs (Peanutbutter sandwich cookies), and our famous mac and cheese.  Um, that sounds like a party I want to hang out at... how about you?  The event is on Friday, October 24th at 7pm.  Check out their website, for lots more info (and a hilarious, guts spilling video blog about the opening of the store- they're so cute and hyper that they make me feel like I'm on a sugar high!)  The hearts painted on the brown kraft paper covering the windows of STORE CUTE (this pic was taken in August) are by Chris Uphues, our new friend that we didn't know we had.

We're also excited about doing more deliveries- so excited that we're offering a 15% discount on all delivery orders right now!  We've made up little coupons that you'll probably see around various cool neighborhood hangs.  Let us bring you cookies!  Send us an email to see delivery menus, pricing, etc.

Also, we're launching what we're calling a retail initiative.  We're packaging up our cookies and bars into little cellophane bundles of sweetness and hoping to get some retail stores to carry them, in order to reach a broader community of guys and gals with a serious sweet tooth.  We'll keep you updated about where you can find our chewy chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cream pies, peanut butter cookies, rebel bars, double milk chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, gingersnaps, etc. etc.  If you have a little store and you want some packages of cookies to make your cash wrap smell yummy and offer your customers something special and homemade, send us an email at sweettoothofthetiger at gmail dot com.

Whew!  We've gotten through September already!  Find images from our events at Secret Project Robot/Monster Island's block party, the Last Supper food and art festival at 3rd Ward, and Design Trust For Public Space's Reinventing Grand Army Plaza event under the arches at Grand Army Plaza on our flicker page: 

We're really excited about October!  xo Tracy and Alicia