Monday, June 29, 2009

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xo Tracy, Sweet Tooth of the Tiger

Friday, April 3, 2009

In the Gutter Cake

What's up with me? I'm preparing to bake something for FEAST tomorrow (FEAST -an acronym for Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics- is the wonderful Brooklyn-based community dinner that turns your entry fee into a democratically funded grant for artists), and I'm totally stuck. It's not that big of a deal, there will be plenty of peeps bringing in their sweet treats, as the dessert table is potluck, but I'm under a considerable amount of pressure. This pressure that I speak of stems from several places- mainly, my own desire to get back into the kitchen and feel something again (like, happiness), and also, the pressure of having other things to do than spend hours in my kitchen today.

I've been working on the bake sale for the past year now, and towards the end of 2008 I started to feel incredibly burnt out yet really curious to know what I could do with this little project. So after a few tweaks to the project and some bake sales in January, I developed the Bake Sale Residency program, where I am able to put my creative foodie efforts into a program that actually helps other artists. My role for the Residency is more administrative, but I still love to bake me some tasty treats. I guess the best solution I'm looking for has to do with a really delicious recipe, something that really says "spring is here!", but isn't too complicated and won't let me down. Part of my excitement about being back in the kitchen (I haven't baked since the last FEAST event, which was last month) is trying out new recipes, except I'm also an overachiever and I don't want to fuck up.

So I've been searching and searching for a lemon-blueberry glazed buttermilk cake recipe that is somewhere between an after dinner poundcake/coffee cake and could also stand in as the sweet ending to a really special occasion, like a birthday. I think I might have to adapt a recipe or make it up myself, which wouldn't be so bad and might satiate my need for playful domestic experimentation (that also won't disappoint me), but that means I will have to spend more time in the kitchen than I really have.

In short: My predicament is less about making a cake for FEAST and more about personal achievement.

I better get in that kitchen and start workin it. See you at FEAST!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Frankie Martin: Baker Interview

Here is the interview Frankie Martin and I did as part of her Residency at the bake sale. For info on the bake sale (2/13 at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn), see the post below this one.
TRACY: Hi, Frankie! Tell me some stuff about BIKE USA (the project you raised funds for via the bake sale table) and how it relates to your ongoing body of work.

FRANKIE: Bike USA is a project beginning late May 2009 which involves me biking from Virginia to California (with company and alone, for different stretches) . In addition to adventure reasons, I will also gather data for a new body of artwork, in the forms of digital video and photography. I will do a few performances along the way, and hopefully collaborate with strangers on FVC, a larger video project. I have started writing a book, which I will also be able to work on during periods of rest during the bike trip.

T: How does sugar affect your life on a daily basis and how does sugar make you feel inside when you eat it?

F: I usually eat sugar is between the hours of 2 and 9 pm. If I eat too much sugar, I get a headache. Peter Pan is my favorite place to go for donuts. Lately I have had root beer floats. There have been times when I have had a problem with sugar (eating too much of it) and forced myself to consume it only on the weekends. This is probably due to the fact that when I eat it my taste buds are so happy.

T: What makes you want to be a baker and how did you learn?

F: There are many aspects of baking that I enjoy.
1. The potential of failure, and the eventual relief of making something well. I enjoy the science of it, and experimenting within that science to test the limits.
2. Being able to share edible delights with family, friends and strangers.
3. Being able to decorate the baked good later. The visual element.
4. It relaxes me.

Although I believe I baked cookies with my Mom growing up once in awhile, I taught myself how to bake. She was not really into the idea of being in the kitchen as a family activity. But I really enjoy baking with children, and teaching them.

T: What kinds of stuff do you bake?

F: I bake cookies, cupcakes, quiches, pies, muffins, breads (in order of most frequent to least frequent). Lately I have been really into baking things that have an element of surprise. Sometimes the surprise is good, sometimes its not good, but always edible. I have included surprises in cupcakes, cakes and brownies. Citrus surprise cupcakes yielded mixed reviews, but this could be due to the fact that some surprises were sour and some were sweet.

T: You like biking, yet you also like to eat butter and oil and sugar combined together. What sort of conclusion can you make about liking to be fit but also liking to have greasy sugary fingers and mouth?

F: I do not actually like having greasy fingers or mouth. I prefer to brush my teeth after eating sugary foods, I am extremely dentally conscious. There are many dichotomies within my personality, and I think this has something to do with my desire to be well rounded. ? I'm not sure, I'm still figuring myself out. I do enjoy being physically fit/strong/healthy, but I also enjoy desserts. I don't think the two are mutually exclusive.

T : How was your experience as a resident baker for Sweet Tooth of the Tiger? What was your favorite part? What was funny? What did you find to be weird?

F: My experience as a resident baker for Sweet Tooth of the Tiger was more fun than I expected. I was afraid it would be like sitting at a craft fair table (which i did once only), but in fact it is much easier and more pleasant to tempt people with delicious treats. It was nice to be able to explain that the baked goods were going to benefit BIKE USA. It was great to watch people try the treats, and hear back that they liked them. I also enjoyed chatting with Tracy and people watching.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Heart Art at WORK gallery

The bake sale at WORK gallery was radder than rad. I was supporting a benefit event for WORK gallery and The Wassaic Project (organized by Eve Biddle, Bowie Zunio and Elan Bogarin) which hosted a silent auction where donated artworks were being sold/auctioned below $60. The place was packed like a can of sardines, but they kept the hot toddies flowin', the art sparklin', and the conversation roarin'. Hopefully the sugar I was providing for the crowd helped with all of that also.

I was really proud of this bake sale and the goodies I laid out on the table. The menu included Southern Lovers' Hummingbird Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (this is traditionally a southern confection, but somehow we have a family recipe for this cake even though the northern European side of my fam has roots in the Pennsylvania Dutch country- it was probably out of my Gram's "Women's Cookbook" or passed around by friends), my Spicy Dark Chocolate Ginger Brownies that are slowly becoming famous (I adapted this recipe from a family brownie recipe), Homemade Cinnamon-Sugar and Powdered Sugar Glazed Donut Holes (my family never made donuts- this was from a recipe I found online), and Smores Kits- there was a hobo fire outside of the gallery, so guests could grab graham crackers, Ghirardelli
Chocolate (Milk or Dark), and Campfire Marshmallows on skewers and go freak out with a taste sensation by the fire.

It was really a lot of fun, and didn't even notice that I had been standing for four hours straight until I sat down to my (very special) Valentines Day Dinner that night. Apparently the yoga I have been practicing is helping my mal-aligned back (hopefully it will also take off the extra poundage I have put on in the past year from sitting behind a bake sale table every week?).

I can't wait to do more bake sales with the girls from Wassaic, especially in the summer at their rad weekend-long multi-disciplinary arts festival in Wassaic (duh), upstate NY.

Ladies and Gents, the real Frankie Martin: Bake Sale Residency Artist #1

This past Friday marked the first ever Bake Sale Residency for Artists, a new program for Sweet Tooth of the Tiger. Artists who love to bake sweet treats apply to take over the bake sale table to sell their goodies in order to raise money for a creative project. I tag along on the bake sale and help out, as well as interview the artist/baker and then publish the interview here, on the blog.

The Bake Sale was at Secret Project Robot, my favorite space for art experiments. Frankie's bake sale went off without a hitch, almost selling out! Her arsenal included Vanilla Peanut Butter Surprise cupcakes (decorated with gel icing, Fruitloops and Kashi Heart to Heart cereal), Berry Brownies (made with raspberry extract and dried cherries), and Molasses Chocolate Chunk Ginger cookies. They were all dairy free except for the cookies (butter). They were so tasty and peeps were coming back to the table to tell her how much their tummy enjoyed her confections.

She had her moments of trying to answer strange questions from the crowd: the image below illustrates Frankie talking to a dude who makes pickles (I think his company is called Endless Pickles or whatever), and she's pointing to the brownies saying, no, I make brownies. I like pickles but I make brownies.

And then they become friends and she takes his money (she reaches for her fanny pack full of cash, still slightly confused).

It was too loud in there to conduct a video interview, so I emailed Frankie some questions the next day, and I'll post them here when she's done answering them. More on Frankie's interview in a later post.

While you're waiting, check out her website, Frankie Fever Forever and check out her dance moves.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time OUT! New York

Photo credit: Suzanne Lindgren

I think the magazine should be called Time In, because it's encouraging you to never sleep and do everything you possibly can in NYC to be able to wear the proud badge of "real new yorker."  My badge is like, at cadette ranking, because I'm from Long Island.  Before you make fun of me, I don't have long scary nails, I don't use aqua net, and I don't have a scary accent.  I did, however, used to say "draw" and "mirra" when trying to say "drawer" and "mirror," and sometimes still have to concentrate really hard when I say those words as to not slip.  My parents have the accents, as do my brothers, and my little niece is really picking it up, which is funny because her mom is from the mid west so she's got a little bit of both in there.  Alas, I am very proud of my STRONG ISLAND roots, because of the diy music scene (even if emo gets a bad rap now) I grew up with, and the kind of brotherhood-i-ness that exists only when you're a teenager.  When you're an adult, long islanders tend to not give a crap about anyone but themselves.  There's a saying that is specific to the region that exemplifies this, and that is: (spoken in a loud, threatening tone) "Get Off My Propity!!" (supposed to be pronounced "property.")  They do not say, "get off my lawn," or "keep off the grass, please," but yell at you to have it be known that you are violating something that is theirs.  They are tough, hence the name Strong Island.

Now to my point: I was listed in Time Out NY this week, which is exciting, because of all the things mentioned above.  Check it out, and stay off my propity.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just sharin': Pucker Up!

These are the sweet and tangy lemon buttermilk cupcakes (that are not vegan) that I made last night for the Japanther show at the Bell House.  I had a few left over so I decided to make good use of the sunny day shining through my Brooklyn apartment and take some proper photographs.  I was a photography minor in college but haven't really gotten back into feeling much like photographing anything, until now.  I'm planning on taking more photos of food and blogging after each bake sale, since I'm hoping to be even more inventive and creative with the bake sale events than in the past.  

I also just received an amazing book I had ordered from Amazon titled "Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History" by Sindey Mintz.  I'm using it for my thesis (which will complete my graduate degree at NYU in Visual Culture Theory), which is about participatory art projects that use food as a medium and eating as a social practice.  I'm only one chapter in, so I can't say much for the whole book, but it's really good.  If you're really interested in food but just slightly interested in reading social theory, pick up this book- it's actually an easy read.

Can't wait to share more with you!

xo Tracy 

Friday, February 6, 2009

V-Day cookie tins at Fred Flare

Ahoy! I just got home from the Japanther show at the Bell House in Gowanus (Bklyn) where I was wheelin' and deelin' cookies and cupcakes. There were a lot of young folks there (like teenagers) who were vegan (I know because they would drool over the chocolate chip pecan toffee cookies and lemon buttermilk cupcakes and say, "are these vegan?"). I was a vegetarian when I was thirteen, and until my pediatrician made my mom force feed me some chicken soup, it felt like the right thing to do. I was disciplining myself, testing my boundaries, and even being a little rebellious. But now, 15 years later (I'm dating myself), I look at these young kids who won't eat a cookie because it has eggs in it and I feel weird. Just eat the damn cookie and get on with it, lad!  Youth: 'tis an awkward and glorious thing. [p.s. totally not dissing veganism or vetetarianism here- I just have a fascination with teenage rebellion.)

Now onto the reason I'm actually blogging. In my last post I mentioned that my buds over at will have specially designed Valentines Day cookie tins available on their website for the week leading up to the big day of LOVE. They put the tin on their site today, and I just love the cute little photos they took of the tins and each of the goodies inside of them. Now that I've become much more interested in food photography, I'm wondering what I can do to take better pictures of my goodies without spending a ton of cash on a digi SLR camera and a proper flash. I have a really nice film camera, but alas, all analog signals have gone digital in my world. Unless my boyfriend gives me a mix tape on Valentines Day.  I don't post images of my goodies that often because I usually bake in the afternoon and/or evening, which is not the best kind of lighting for making sweets look yummy.  They just look like they're having their mug shot taken. 

But look at these beauties!


You can find the tins and purchase them here. They're $20 and the shipping is expedited at no additional cost (you still have to pay ground though I think.)  The tins include yummy ginger brownies, sweet and sour chocolate cherry cookies, and really delicious heart-shaped sugar cookies with royal icing (it's my boyfriend's mom's recipe- we make christmas cookies every year and I eat two of them for every one I frost.)  

Yum!  Take a look!

xo Tracy

Friday, January 30, 2009

February and March sugar high

Photograph by Katie Kline at Secret Project Robot, 2009.  
[It was freezing-we were outside for the purpose of the 
photo shoot only- but the baked goods still tasted damn sweet.  
In this photo are Oatmeal Cream Pies and Smores Brownies.
Eaters are myself-Tracy- sitting, Andrew and Suzanne standing.]

Hello there!  I hope your first month of 2009 has been filled with sparkly magic so far!  Sweet Tooth of the Tiger took a short break to chill the eff out this holiday season- stuff was super duper crazy busy!  But now I'm back, refueled, rollin' up my sleeves, and immersing myself in cake batter.  I'm out there again with my little bake sale table, makin' new friends, baking new things, and overall pretty psyched about what's coming up for this wheelin' and dealin' bake sale project that could.  Here is a list of February and March updates, with more info on each of them as you scroll down:

2/6, 8pm: Bake Sale at a Japanther show at The Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn
2/6-2/14: Valentines Day cookie tins for Fred Flare
2/13, 8pm: Bake Sale Residency collaboration with Frankie Martin at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn
2/14, 1-4pm: Bake Sale for "I Heart Art" at WORK gallery in Red Hook, Brooklyn, to benefit The Wassaic Project
2/21, 8pm: Bake Sale at a French Kicks show at The Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn
March: Bake Sale Residency collaboration with Tara Strickstein at VOLTA art show/fair in NYC

2/6 and 2/21 at The Bell House, Gowanus (Bklyn):
I'm going to be at The Bell House for a few dates this month-
2/6 is the Japanther show (tix are $8 adv, $10 at the door)
2/21 is the French Kicks show ($12)
The Bell House is a new music venue on 7th street at 2nd Avenue in Brooklyn that is seemingly not corporate, has cheap tickets and a really great bar that has gotten sick reviews.  The whole building is gigantic and beautiful, the staff is super friendly, and the stage and sound are amazing.  I did a Ponytail and These Are Powers show last week and did a sold-out Thermals show a few days ago.  I've been wanting to do bake sales at a music venue but never wanted to deal with ClearChannel or who ever owns all the venues now, so I'm psyched.  You will love this place!

Bake Sale Residency Program:
I recently developed a new program for Sweet Tooth of the Tiger where artists can bake stuff and take over the bake sale table to raise money for a creative project.  They are basically "in residence" at the bake sale table, and get full control over what they want to bake.  I set up the bake sale locations with my various constituents and then meet them there with my table in tow, and we sell their goodies (and only their goodies).  Artists pocket the cash, and are able to live a little bit longer in this terrible economy  (thanks Bush family!).  I will also be using the Hello, Sweet Tooth blog to post interviews with artists who participate in the residency, including links to their site and such.  There was actually a little write up about the residency program in the Time Out NY Blog a few days ago, read it here.

Frankie Martin/Sweet Tooth, 2/13 at Secret Project Robot:
The first residency guinea pig is FRANKIE MARTIN, a rad Brooklyn-based multi media artist represented by CANADA in NY.  Frankie's work is at an intersection of culture, fantasty and color all contained within a conceptual framework that varies on a per-project basis.  Her collaboration with Sweet Tooth of the Tiger will raise funds for BIKE USA, a project which involves her bicycling across the United States this summer.  Check her fan club here. 

Frankie and I will be at my home away from home, Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, on February 13th from 8-10pm for the These Are Powers Record Release art show "All Aboard Future," where they will be playing as well as exhibiting 18 artists whose work visually represents and interprets the concepts for All Aboard Future (the possibility, potential, and rising of a positive and dynamic New Age).  More info here.
I'm not sure what she's baking yet, I think she's going to be busting out some vanilla and peanut butter cupcakes and some other stuff.

Valentines Day Cookie Tins for Fred Flare!
I love the peeps over at Fred Flare- they are the cutest, sweetest, coziest of work families, and I can't get enough of them (shout out to Keith, Chris, Jen, Mo, and my fiery haired/smiley heart pal Chris Uphues).  They've asked me to organize a little Valentines Day cookie tin bake sale, and what I came up with will tantalize your tastebuds and get your heart a-pumping!  The cookie tins are 7 inch round silver tins with a Sweet Tooth logo decal on the lid, filled with Double Chocolate-Sour Cherry Cookies, Spicy Ginger Brownies, and Sweetheart Sugar Cookies!  All three are so yummy- I couldn't stop gobbling up the extra samples for the photoshoot!  The tins are around $20 and will be for sale on Fred Flare's website and maybe even in their store beginning the 2nd week of February- just in time for VDAY!  Check out their site in the meantime.

Bake Sale at WORK gallery in Red Hook (Bklyn) for "I Heart Art" on 2/14:
I'll be peddling sweets at a benefit for WORK and the awesome Wassaic Project from 1-4pm on Valentines Day!  They will have small works for only $60, live music and performances, and a silent auction.  I know Eve and Bowie who run The Wassaic Project (we both participated in The Last Supper art + food festival together at 3rd Ward last September), and they are really talented artists who dedicate much of their time to helping other artists expand their practice.  The Wassaic Project is situated on a series of historic farm structures and their adjoining land in the Hamlet town of Wassaic in Dutchess County NY.  Come to the benefit and help support these great ladies!  More info here.

Tara Strickstein + Sweet Tooth at VOLTA art show/fair in March:
The second bake sale residency trophy goes to Tara Strickstein, a Chicago based artist that has her MFA from the University of Chicago (she also studied at the French Pastry School) and is interested in pretty much all the same stuff I am (food theory + art theory).  She suggested we go for the gold and invite ourselves to an invitation only art fair in NY, and they accepted our project.  This all happened in about 7-10 days, which is seemingly unheard of.  Tara came up with a project that involves odd flavored lollipops, us (along with her colleague Adam Danforth) performing as cigarette girls/guy selling mango and lime (or some other flavor combination) to VOLTA guests.  Amazing.  We will be included in the catalog also, so this is majorly exciting.  I'll post the specific date we will be at the VOLTA show soon- come say hi and get a sucker!

xo Tracy